19/05 – 10/06/2012
at Kling&Bang,
Hverfisgata 42, Reykjavík.
Opening: Saturday 19/05 17:00


In January 2012, 1857 sent a message in a bottle from Senegal, in the hope that the North Equatorial Current and Gulf Stream would bring it to Iceland in time for the opening on May 19th 2012. The artists claim that the bottle contains a short note with the curator’s email address and phone number, inviting the finder(s) to represent the group in Reykjavík, all expenses paid. If no one claims the prize, the artists will set out to seek the bottle. In Norway, where 1857 runs a gallery located in a former lumberyard in the Grønland area in Oslo, a research institute has been contacted to analyse the relevant winds and currents in an attempt to calculate the bottle’s most likely route across the Atlantic. In the venue, we find evidence of their actions, but whether project begins or ends in May, depends on the winds and currents.


- Jonatan Habib Engqvist

Curator, Reykjavik Arts Festival 2012



Participating Artists


1857 – A kassen – Anonymous – AIM Europe – Box – EndemiGoksøyr & Martens – IC98 – The Icelandic Love Corporation – Institut for Degeneret KunstJóna Hlíf Halldórsdóttir & Hlynur HallssonKling & Bang – Learning Site & Jaime Stapleton – M.E.E.H. – Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas and Group 4.333” – Melissa Dubbin & Aaron S. Davidson – No Gods No Parents (UKS) – NÝLÓ & Archive of Artist Run Initiatives – Raflost & Steina – Sofia Hultén & Ivan Seal – Superflex – The Artist Formerly Known as Geist – The Awareness Muscle Team – The Leyline Project – The New Beauty Council with Elin Strand Ruin, Mariana Alves & Katarina BonnevierÚtidúrWooloo




(I)ndependent People is part of the Reykjavík Arts Festival 2012