April 9th–Banquet of Staple Foods

09/04 – 09/04/2011
First come, first served!: Saturday 09/04 17:00

1857 cordially invites you to a banquet of staple foods on upcoming Saturday April 9th.

In observance of the opening of the new footbridge that most elegantly will serve you between Bjørvika and Grønland for future purposes, Kunsthall Oslo has invited a smattering of East-side cultural venues to throw a parish-wide honorary shindig.

At 1857 gourmand chef Ingvar H. Rasmussen will take time and place into account and prepare a veritable and delicious feast of nutritious comestibles, all in the immediate surroundings of the current exhibition DROP HANDKERCHIEF BACKDROP

Complimentary cooking from 17:00 to 21:00.


We hold together!




[intoxicated attempts to overcome focus and vergence]