Liberty, equality, fraternity or death

On: 08/05; 09/05; 10/05/2013

At: 20.00


Tickets: 100 kr

There is limited seating for each performance.

To book in advance:




This is an invitation for a dance performance that will take place in an exhibition space. The piece will be performed at 1857 for three consecutive nights, but feel free to ask for encores. We are prepared.


Liberty, Equality, Fraternity or Death has previously been shown at the Al–Kasaba Theatre, Ramallah and at Avant Garden, Trondheim. We are prepared for spectators who have seen the performance before.


It has been written about the performance that it has “explosive movement as well as more contemplative tableaux” and that its “ingenious use of industrial lamps to enlighten issues is most effective.” But we all know hyperbole and the press are like guns and the police. Feel free to make up your own mind.


Feel free to announce your wish to attend the performance in any way you like. We are prepared.


The final performance (on Friday 10 May) will be followed by a discussion with the performers. Feel free to suggest questions or topics for discussion to or to voice your own comments or observations during the talk. We are prepared.





Nota Bene: If you are in any way affiliated with the production, or with the performers in a professional capacity, please feel free to make either hints or plain demands for free tickets. We are prepared





Concept, choreography and dance: Sara Christophersen and Helle Siljeholm

Co-creating dancers: Hilde Rustad and Bibbi Winberg

Dramaturg: Per Ananiassen

Set design: Carl Nilssen-Love

Light design: Tilo Hahn

Music: Andreas Mjøs

Consultant: Mari Sømme Hammer

Costume design: Kamilla Kotte Birkeland

External Researchers: Mia Habib, Marie Hafting og Rana Issa

Producer: Annika Ostwald







Co-produced by: Teaterhuset Avant Garden (TAG), Trondheim and

Sareyyet Ramallah – First Ramallah Group, Ramallah


Supported by: The Norwegian Arts Council, The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD/DTS)


Photo: Anders Røren