Messiah's Resurrection

Friday 01/12/2017 at 19:00
Saturday 02/12/2017 at 19:00
Theater F featuring Lucy Swann and Endre Tveitan.





In collaboration with Theater F, we invite you to a final event at 1857's Tøyenbekken 12 location.

At the dawn of a new age there will come a period in which numerous false messiahs will attempt to entice their audience by false prophesies, so the religions would have us believe. It is then the last messiah will arrive to herald the end of times.

MESSIAH'S RESURRECTION is developed by Theater F and features music by Lucy Swann, a hologram installation by Endre Tveitan and Samantha Lawson as the Messiah.





Tickets are available at the door for 30 mins before the show.



Music: Lucy Swann
Hologram/video: Endre Tveitan
Actor: Samantha Lawson
Actor: Kjersti Aas Stensby
Scenography: Pablo Castro
Director: Pernille Mercury Lindstad
Assistant producer: Hanna Kanutta Helstad






1857 is supported by Arts Council Norway