The 1857

19/09 – 19/09/2013
Thursday 19/09 21:00

1857 feat. Timothy Furey
Upcoming Exhibitions at Art Berlin Contemporary 2013



The 1857


4 cl dark Spanish brandy

3 cl purée of chaunsa Indian mango

1 cl lime juice

1-2 cl Rioja red wine

One flower of organic, edible, orange marigold


We prefer a Brandy de Jerez, and more specifically Pettersen Extra Old, a local outshine at the Grønland wine-monopoly. The mango should be fully ripe, sweet and soft.

Skin, pit and cut into chunks before blending with a stick blender until it is smooth. Squeeze a lime and exclude all pulp. Mixing the chaunsa purée and lime juice beforehand is advisable as the puree is thick and does not easily pour.

Marry brandy, mango purée and lime juice in a glass half filled with ice and stir for 10 seconds. Strain into a chilled martini glass and add 1 – 2 cl of red wine in the center. Twist the bar spoon carefully one turn in the wine yolk, but only to suggest a distribution of the wine in the mix. The 1857 should operate in two distinct colors. Garnish with an orange edible and pesticide-free marigold and serve.


The 1857 was made for the first time at 1857, Oslo the 17th of September 2013 after two months of offhand experiments and carefully progressive adjustments. As The 1857 is seasonal we recommend a focused period of enjoyment from May to September. 




About Upcoming Exhibitions:


Upcoming Exhibitions is a conditional project space developed within the parameters of abc art berlin contemporary 2013. Existing wholly for the duration of abc, Upcoming Exhibitions will constitute a program made up of contributions by 14 invited international project spaces. Born out of the necessity to develop a felicitous structure for exhibiting within its context, Upcoming Exhibitions will allot each participating space two hours to inhabit and exhibit a project of their choosing, amounting to 14 exhibitions, one occurring every two hours within a single space situated near the entrance of abc. Upcoming Exhibitions has been developed in collaboration with abc art berlin contemporary, Red Bull, and Institut Français.