The a priori echo and the necks

26/10 – 08/12/2012
at IMO,
Ny Carlsberg Vej 68, Copenhagen
Preview: Friday 26/10 17:00

Solo show: Stian Eide Kluge
Curated by: Steffen Håndlykken

Here is an artist whose paintings are preceded by pictures: Images that hang on walls, and that are walls in and of themselves. This idea has brought both picures and walls into being. Propositions bounce off the foreground. Then rebound into the background.
“Who is this artist?” we ask. 
Some wintertime Narcissus listening for something that will speak to him. He is full of ambition:
     1. include yourself in a group show alongside prominent artists
     2. bring your work to art fairs
     3. get your name mentioned as often and in as many places as possible
     4. make a solo show
Yet the substance remains unmoved. He bangs on the walls, impenetrable. His dreams are full of paintings, the colours of which he never remembers when he wakes up.
“If an exhibition crashes into the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”
He ponders philosophical problems of paralyzing magnitude. Basks in splendid isolation, glorious celibacy: a Great Onan. The work is what he makes it. And when he fails to make it, it is whatever can be stolen from others. Or what he can get away with not making at all.
The work is a clockwork. It drives pieces down the assembly line from artist to exhibition. It is flailing arms and beating heart. The outside is squeezed out from the inside, excreted from the kidneys, secreted from the sebaceous glands.
The a priori echo. And the next. And the next.
Outside Stian Eide Kluge’s exhibition The a priori echo and the necks, IMO presents Torben Ribe’s Medium sized paintings (mostly) on walls on walls.

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