The Ventriloquist Summerschool

08/08 – 13/08/2016


The second edition of The Ventriloquist Summerschool will look into the role of illusion as a way of being, working and generating knowledge. What's involved in accepting, rejecting, validating and iterating such constructs and how do we use them to project and deal with what's in front and ahead of us?

Five workshops will run parallel during the week, along with a public programme of three evening lectures (names tba).

Applications are encouraged irrespective of age, field or nationality. The 35 selected participants will be given time, space and infrastructure to develop their own projects. 


The tutors for the Ventriloquist summerschool are:
● Talk Magazine (USA) (Eric Hu + Harry Gassel)
● Anu Vathra (EE)
● Nicole Killian (USA)
● Kristina Ketola Bore (NO)
● João Doria (BR/NO) and Andrea Pinochet


Read more and apply at Ventriloquist Summerschool





About the project:

The Ventriloquist Summerschool was conceived and is organized by João Doria and Kristina Ketola Bore. This is be the second edition of the summerschool.








The Ventriloquist Summerschool 2016 is made possible by the Grafill Stortstipend 2016